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  • 11:15:08: crack_broom | Admin: Criteria for Demotion/Promotion, Cross-Gen, Classics, & More | http://goo.gl/DGRu
  • 22:35:19: slytherin100: Prompt #138: "Headline" - another week for "Deny" | http://goo.gl/zK2n
  • 22:36:52: bringthehappy: prompt-or-write your own fest for happy-ending fics/art from any and all fandoms. Prompting now open! | http://goo.gl/fDDy
  • 23:00:41: RT @leaky: 100 days until Deathly Hallows: Part 1! Join us each day for our Quotedown with a quote from the first half of the... http:// ...

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